“I found Learning Curve Lessons when searching Google for driving schools in the area. The reviews looked great, and the prices were reasonable, so I decided to book in an initial 2 hour lesson with Mark to see what it was like.

Learning to drive for the first time having never driven before is quite a nerve-racking experience. By the second lesson I found that I was really looking forward to the next one, and I built up confidence behind the wheel much faster than I had expected. This is a testament to Mark’s friendly, calm and thorough approach to teaching. He was always more than happy to cover as much or as little as I was comfortable with in each lesson, and explained everything in an easy to understand and memorable way. After 19 hours of lessons with Mark over a 7 week period (plus 6 hours with another driving school at the beginning), I passed with only 1 minor fault! All in all, I feel I have achieved much more than I thought I was capable of.

Thanks Mark!  Mark has a great method of giving the pupil the reins in terms of what they want to focus on in each lesson, but at the same time makes sure to cover everything that could possibly come up in the test or in real life. This approach gave me a sense of achievement each week, and really made me build up confidence behind the wheel quite quickly. I had a less positive experience with another driving school at the beginning, which really made me appreciate Mark’s patient disposition. Every lesson was based in the area covered by the test centre which was really useful in getting to know the roads, and Mark always offered great tips on specific places to watch out for. The mock test was really helpful too.

I will definitely be recommending Learning Curve Driving School to friends looking for top notch driving tuition and great value for money. Patience and positivity are crucial when learning to drive, and Mark has absolutely nailed this! . to improve  I really couldn’t fault much at all as it was a brilliant service. If I had to nitpick, I’d maybe say that communication via text could be a bit clearer and quicker when looking to book in lessons, but totally understandable as I know Mark is a busy man!

Ben Deloughry, Bermondsey

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Learning Curve Driving Lessons Guarantee