My name is Keith Caunter and I am the owner and founder of K C Driving School.

I’ve been in the Driving School industry for over 14 years after qualifying way back in June 2006. I worked as a franchised instructor for company called “Driving’s cool” until April 2007, when I made the decision to move to Nuneaton, I worked very briefly for another driving school in nuneaton then quickly took the decision to go independent. I was able to build a solid reputation for high test pass rates and value for money lessons. It wasn’t long before I was struggling to meet the demand for lessons, and I was turning away as many students as I was teaching. I then moved my focus into training people to become driving instructors a role I enjoyed for 5 years before deciding to expand the school and put the valuable skills I had gained to work.

I recruited my first Driving Instructor in 2014 to help meet the demand for lessons and at that point we became a Driving School. January 2009 was a major turning point for the School as I trained to become an Instructor Trainer soon after that I launched our own in-house training academy. The School went from strength to strength as we were able to train local people to become Driving Instructors and we have now produced well over 50 top quality Instructors from the local area.

We are a local family run business and one of the very few local Driving Schools with an in-house Customer Services agent that operates throughout the working week. Cheryl is a life long friend of the families and she is the customer services manager with Catherine, my wife assisting as part of her team. I am also, the School Training Manager and responsible for running our in-house Training Academy and ongoing training for our qualified instructors.

My ethos has always been to provide the very best quality tuition and outstanding value for money and this approach helped grow the Driving School to 10 Instructors. Any business that is growing will have issues keeping the level of quality assurance consistence across the board and we have implemented substantial monitoring processes to ensure we continue to provide excellent value for money for all our students.

Thank you for visiting our website and for showing an interest in the Driving tuition that we provide. Please look around and you will see the numerous ways we strive to be the number choice for local students and how we maintain our position as one of the area’s premier Driving Schools.