“Someone I know passed with Mark and told me he was a really good teacher.

When choosing a Driving Instructor/School looked at their first time pass rate which is really good.

I expected the lessons to be really good and I wasn’t let down. My Instructor’s teaching methods were very clear and easy to understand.

I would always recommend using mark because you’ll get your licence really quick!! In my opinion they would not need to Improve anything.

He is a wicked teacher and always put me at ease on my lessons. Marks very punctual. Thanks Mark.”

Tommy Gothard, Catford

Congratulations To The Latest Students On Their Test Passes.

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Mark will be delighted to discuss your requirements and match your availability to our Catford instructors.

Customer services are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 6pm.

For enquiries outside hours, please leave a message or Email


The Main Reason I chose Kelvin White Driving School



“I got Mark’s number from a friend.

I like both models of car that I was learning to drive in.

Mark was local to me and he was very thorough in getting me through my my driving test first time with zero faults.

Ive tried a few times in the past and I did not pass with other instructors but with

Mark’s teaching skills and up to date driving techniques he instilled confidence in me.

I’m now enjoying my freedom and go fishing any time which is great!!”

Des, Catford


“A huge thank you to Mark.

A wonderful instructor who builds confidence and who always has wonderful stories to tell.

He was always very positive and enthusiastic and believed in me 100%. He made learning how to drive easy and stress free.

I would definitely recommend him, a great teacher!”

Michael Coady, Catford

Customer Feedback When Asked Why They Chose Learning Curve Lessons.

Top 5 Reasons. (From 532 Reviews.)

  • 82 – High 1st Time Pass Rate
  • 65 – Try Us and See Deal
  • 48 – Customer Reviews
  • 47 – Recommendations
  • 45 – Local Reputation



Driving School Catford | Top Rated Customer Reviews

  • Driving Schools Catford –  Premier Driving Lessons.
    • Highly trained driving instructors needed to pass your practical exam.
    • We offer large discounts for block bookings of 10 lessons.
    • Progression through the driving school syllabus.
    • Proven system ensures our driving instructors follow best practice
    • Report Cards detail every step of your driving progress.
    • Get a better understanding of your practical by passing your theory exam as soon as possible.

    If you’re looking for a Professional Driving School that comes highly recommended with a particularly high first time pass rate we are the school for you. Learning Curve Lessons serves South East London bringing you the highly trained driving instructors you need to pass your practical driving test.

    Our instructors are male or female with a wide variety of levels of experience, however all bring the very latest techniques & methods to the table. Our highly popular “try us & see” service gives learner drivers the opportunity to see if we are suitable for their needs before booking additional lessons.

    Like many other instructors, we also provide discounts for beginners & new students & we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy with our service. We also offer large discounts for block bookings of 10 lessons or more.

    As mentioned in our opening paragraph we are particularly proud of our first time pass rate which is considerably above the national average. What is our secret? We have a proven system that ensures that our driving instructors follow our best practice guidelines & procedures.

    Our structured system will feature a complete plan of action broken down for you so you can see where you are up to with regard to your progress within the driving school syllabus & what you need to do to get to the level where you are ready to take your test.

    Our Instructors will issue you with a report card that will detail each step of your progress. It will demonstrate the areas that you might need more practice whilst also showing the things you are particularly strong with.

    We do encourage practice with family & friends provided it is used in a way that will assist & improve your driving abilities ready for your next lessons. Ideally you would practice the areas that have been highlighted for you on your report card so to reduce the length of time you need to cover them in your actual lessons.

    For example if you are struggling with your three point turn manoeuvre then it would make sense to go somewhere quiet & practice as often as you can whilst out with friends & family. Once you can demonstrate you are able to carry out the procedure confidently & error free then your instructor will then move you on to the next step of the syllabus.

    However if your instructor thinks you need more practice you will continue where you left off until you have mastered it. This example demonstrates the importance of using your practice time wisely.

    You should ensure that you complete your theory examination as quickly as possible. This will benefit you as it gives you a better understanding of the practical side. It will also allow for your instructor to book you in for your test as soon as you are ready without any unnecessary delays.