A few Words From A Small Selection Of Aden’s Students.

Aden Moore, my driving instructor was amazing, he used diagrams to explain, which helped me, he would also do it himself and I would copy and it helped a lot more as I learn by watching other people do it.

Aden was always on time and I never once had a problem, if he was a little late due to traffic he would let me know beforehand

Aden Moore was an amazing instructor from the get go he made me feel comfortable and was very chilled and relaxed which made me feel relaxed and every time I had a lesson i would enjoy it and I would have learnt something new every time, Aden takes into consideration your needs and wants and he continues to make you feel positive before every lesson, I can genuinely say I am so thankful to Aden for the help and support he has given me.”

Achante Richardson.

Aden made me feel relaxed and confident from the very first meeting and ensured that every lesson was about learning something new each time. He was friendly and more than patient and he allowed me to feel at ease to ask questions at any time. As my lessons progressed, he allowed me to have input into what I wanted the outcome of the lesson to be, whether that was to master a specific manoeuvre or practice tackling a tricky junction etc. He listened to me and adapted the lesson to ensure I got the maximum from every single minute in the car, his teaching methods and adaptability allowed me to pass my test in just thirty-two hours of driving.

Aden always arrived on time and always gave me the full lesson time.

 Personally, I found Aden to be very relaxed in the car when I was at the wheel. Learning to drive is stressful but he ensured there was no additional stress on me from him. He was precise and clear with his information and driving instructions and always answered any questions I had in full and in detail. I always felt relaxed when driving and I am certain his method of teaching ensured I passed my test as quickly as I did.

Ethan galli.

My instructor Aden was a lot calmer and more patient with me overall and was able to explain basic and advanced driving concepts in very simple terms, making it a lot easier for me.

I would recommend to friends due to the patient, calm style, people who don’t feel very confident and are on the fence about learning to drive they would excel under KC Driving School. I know this as I was one of them, and now feel fully confident in my driving ability.
I can’t think of anything that may need improving. I always knew what was going on with my appointments and payments, so there were no issues.

Overall, I have KC Driving School and Aden to thank for my pass. Having come to KC feeling apprehensive about driving, due to past experiences, I fully believe that if it was any other driving school, I would have struggled with passing in this amount of time, if at all.”

Joe Dowell, Nuneaton.