My driving instructor was Mark Sefton. Mark was local to me and his reputation in the area was brilliant and he had great reviews on his website. Also Mark had a calm an relaxing vibe when teaching me which helped.

The price per lesson I thought was under sold on the service you get. Mark had availability to fit me in with perfect timing as he just had a test which passed. My length of lessons was two hours. Some things were more challenging than I had expected – I didn’t expect to find roundabouts so challenging! Mark was a great instructor and I enjoyed every lesson. He is attentive and helpful and provided plenty of explanation when I made mistakes, especially as we got closer to my test.

Absolutely – I would recommend Mark to anyone in the area because he is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. I have had a great experience learning to drive with Learning Curve Driving School .

Patrick Hibberd, Brockley